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Welcome to our dedicated fertility coaching website, where compassionate guidance meets expertise. Here, you’ll find the support and hope you need on your fertility journey.

Overcoming Fertility Challenges

You have tried everything to get pregnant?

Have you tried everything in your quest to conceive, yet the journey still seems complicated and uncertain?

You’ve read countless fertility books, tuned into 100s of informative podcasts, and immersed yourself in numerous fertility-focused Facebook communities.

However, in the middle of this information-rich journey, you might have encountered a common challenge: the overwhelming and conflicting abundance of information and advice. Despite your genuine effort to understand, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, lost in a sea of information, and even more confused than when you started.

Remember, you’re not alone!

While community support is invaluable, seeking advice and guidance from Eileen, a specialized fertility professional/expert, can offer you personalized guidance and evidence-based solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

By combining your determination with the guidance of a knowledgeable professional and the shared wisdom of a supportive community, you can navigate your fertility journey with confidence and clarity.

Eileen is a specialized fertility coach, who brings a wealth of professional experience to guide you through the maze of fertility challenges. Her approach is grounded in empathy and tailored to your unique path.

Her journey through infertility has given her a deep understanding of the challenges, emotional, and physical toll that couples face.

Drawing from her personal experience to help others navigate the complexities of infertility. She knows that even in the midst of struggle, there is always hope for a positive outcome.


I am Eileen von Knobelsdorff, Your Guide and coach Through the Fertility Maze.

"Breaking Barriers to Parenthood: Expert Fertility Coaching for Your Unique Journey”

Eileen von knobelsdorff
My Program

Face To Face & Remote One On One Bespoke Coaching Programs

Discover our comprehensive range of services, designed to address your specific needs. From one-on-one coaching sessions to supportive group meetings and a wealth of online resources, we provide personalized support at every step

Why Work With Me

Extensive Experience

Providing personalised fertility coaching, incorporating yoga and mindfulness techniques. A holistic and personalised care that is tailored to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of infertility. Supporting you in understanding your fertility challenges and navigating treatment options.

Fertility Community

Providing a safe and supportive space for individuals and couples facing infertility. By empowering clients to advocate for themselves and make informed decisions about their care. Furthermore, raising awareness about infertility and challenging stigmas surrounding it.

Bespoke Coaching Programs

Eileen's expertise lies in crafting bespoke coaching programs tailored to each individual or couple's unique needs and circumstances. In-depth assessment, personalised treatment plans, Regular check-ins, and a Supportive environment.


What My Clients Say

After conceiving naturally out first child. I thought that it would be the same for the 2nd one. After trying different ways of conceiving for ove a year. We started IVF. The first attempt was a success but sadly ended with a miscarriage. So after this hard time, my husband came across and article in the newspaper written about Eileen’s fertility coaching. It was the first time I’d read about secondary infertility. I was skeptical. But now I can tell you that it was the best thing that I could’ve done!

Eileen is such a lovely person, in her classes you feel welcomed, understood, and most important NOT ALONE. You learn to embrace your body even though you feel like it is disappointing you over & over again. You learn to exchange negative thoughts with positive ones and feels nice to be surrounded by warrior women who keep on fighting for love!

I still can’t believe that I’m sitting here with my 3-months-old son! Thank you Eileen for the time and support you offer to all of us!

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